Shanghai 28 June - 1 July 2017

Edward Tian

Edward Tian



AsiaInfo Group


Mr. Edward Tian was the pioneer in leading China Internet Industry. Mr. Tian received a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management from Texas Tech University, USA in 1993. He was co-founder and CEO of AsiaInfo Holding Inc., the first Internet technology provider in China. AsiaInfo was successfully listed in NASDAQ in 2000 and has built ChinaNet, which is China’s first commercial Internet backbone. AsiaInfo is China’s largest telecommunications business support system (BSS) provider, while the second-largest BSS provider at worldwide level.

Mr. Tian was the CEO of China Netcom Group from March 1999 till 2006. 

Mr. Tian founded China Broadband Capital (CBC) in 2006, which is a TMT sector focused private equity fund and invests primarily in companies in the Telecom, Internet, Media and Technology (“TMT”) sector and companies serving the TMT sector in China.