Shanghai 28 June - 1 July 2017

Kim Seang-Tae

Kim Seang-Tae



The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea


Mr. Seang-Tae Kim is a congressman at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. He is one of the most active lawmakers in the Science, ICT, Future Planning, Broadcasting and Communications Committee where all legislations regarding the ICT sector are discussed and agreed. 

Information Technology has been a key driving force of economic development in Korea since the early 2000s. After suffering a financial crisis in the late 1990s, Korea improved its economic fundamentals with Information Technology. Companies introduced advanced IT system to enhance efficiency and transparency in business decisions. Government encouraged Telcos’ broadband rollout which boosted domestic demand. As a result, Korea was able to successfully recover from the financial shock, and turn itself into a the global leader in transition to an information society

Mr. Kim first started his career in academia in 1991. He earned PhD in Public Administration & Policy at University of Georgia and became an assistant professor at Chungnam National University. Deeply interested in the potential of Information Technology, and its application to public administration, Mr. Kim maintained his research, focusing on the information-based development in public sector and government policies.

In 2005, Mr. Kim met an extraordinary opportunity to become a member of ICT Committee of the National Assembly, where he could directly involve in the policy making process for the country’s successful transition to an information society. With his expertise and experience in academia and public sector, Mr. Kim was appointed as the president of National Information Society Agency(NIA) in 2008. Under his leadership for five years, NIA played a critical role in establishing national strategies for convergence and innovation, as well as solving problems such as digital divide and privacy issue. 

After being elected as a congressman in 2016, Mr. Kim continues to make effort, as a lawmaker, to reform the ICT regulation system in Korea. Currently he is developing a new legal foundation, which supports industry growth and maximizes consumer welfare under rapidly changing environment. As a milestone, he recently proposed an amendment to the Telecom Business Law. 

Mr. Kim pursues human-centric convergence and innovation. He published more than 20 papers and books including “Digital Government”, and “Korea’s Future Strategy toward Smart Society”. He also held various positions in the international organizations including ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission.