Shanghai 28 June - 1 July 2017

5G Spectrum and Policy Forum

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Date & Time

Thursday, 29 Jun 2017

08:30 - 13:30


Kerry Hotel Pudong Level 3 Pudong Ballroom 4


Following on from last year’s successful event at MWCS on collaboration on spectrum in Asia, GSMA and partners will host a session to examine the progress in Asia surrounding 5G.

As a region, Asia has been very active in promoting 5G technology. Both Korea and Japan announced their intention to showcase 5G in the upcoming Olympic events during 2018 and 2020 respectively. Alignment on spectrum from an early stage on deploying 5G globally will be equally important.

This continuation session will showcase the 5G use cases and progress to date on trials and commercial services. Spectrum issues will also be highlighted, looking at what IMT spectrum is being discussed for 5G and what progress is being made on future spectrum prior to WRC-19.

There is a strong belief that common ground on policy and regulation for 5G from the region will have a positive impact and accelerate development and adoption of 5G technologies for both the region and at global level.


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